ONE WEEK | 20 JAN 2020 - 24 JAN 2020 | Yrs 7-12



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About Us

…Tent out – Time out – Hang out – Chill out – Break out – Beached out…

A high school camp that has developed into something awesomely chaotic that challenges & changes lives!!!

So why wait? Register today and experience a once in a lifetime encounter!!!

Surch Camp has been running youth development camps for a numerous amount of years. We are located in North Richmond but run our camps just down from the beach in Tea Gardens. Our camps collect and bring students from all around New South Wales western suburbs, northern beaches, and even as far as blaxland. Why? ‘Cause youth absolutely love to hang out, chill out and experience the God of Heaven and Earth.

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ONE WEEK | 20 JAN 2020 – 24 JAN 2020 | Yrs 7-12
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Happy campers.

"Surch is an amazing, happy and chilled place where you can get to know and become closer to God."

Brooke G.

Hawkesbury High

||One of the best places I've ever been and wouldn't miss it for a million dollars!||

Timothy G.

Richmond High

"Surch is a place where you can make new friends and properly connect to God, with people who want to help you."

Julz R.

Richmond High

"Surch is the best opportunity I've had to come closer to God and have a ton of fun. Be there!"

Anthony G.

Colo High

"Surch is a wicked place where you get to know God and have fun with other people."

Riley H.

Windsor High

"Surch is an awesome opportunity to meet new people, make great memories and ultimately find God!"

Jill C.

Hawkesbury High

Meeting Points

Depending on the youth group, high school or organisation you are apart of will determine where you meet for pick ups and drop offs for camp. All information for pick up and drop off details are provided below. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. If you are unsure of the location of the meeting point, select the desired meeting point and it will take you to a google maps location.
– – – Departures leave Monday morning and return the Friday night – – –

Meeting Point:  Turnbull Oval, North Richmond
Meet: 9:00 am Monday
Return: 9:00 pm Friday
Contact: Salina Brewer
P: 0413 342 527 | E:
Meeting Point: Cambridge Park Community Church – Corner of Cam and Cambridge St, Cambridge park. NSW 2747
Meet: 9:00am
Return: 7:00pm
Contact: Lachlan Kurr
P: 0421 794 569 | E:
Meeting Point: Restore Church, 47 Britannia Rd, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154
Meet: Monday 9.00am
Return: Friday 5.00pm
Contact: Jakin Mai
P: 0401 194 439
Meeting Point: Kellyville Anglican Church, 45 President rd, Kellyville, NSW
Meet: Monday 9.30am
Return: Friday 8.30pm
Contact: Stephanie Whitehead
P: 0402 644 729
Meeting Point: Christian reformed Church of Australia, 3 Renwick Cl, Blaxland NSW 2774
Meet: Monday 9.00am
Return: Friday 9.00pm
Contact: Pete
P: 0431 058 773
Meeting Point: St Claire OOSH Care (OOSH Carpark)
Meet: Monday 9:00am
Return: Friday 9:00pm
Contact: Rog
P: 0408 020 492
Meeting Point: McDonald’s Thornleigh Carpark, Pennant Hills Rd
Meet: Monday 9.45am
Return: Friday 8.00pm
Contact: Rog
P: 0408 020 492
Meeting Point: Mimosa Ave, Davidson (in front of high school)
Meet: Monday 10:30 am
Return: Friday 5:00 pm
Contact: Alex “the Lion” Wiles
P: 0476 180 282 | E:

Surch Camp

Meeting Point: Turnbull Oval

Meeting Point: Turnbull Oval, North Richmond
Meet: 9:00 am
Return: 9:00 pm
Contact: Salina Stevenson
P: 0413 342 527 | E:

Meeting Point: Northern Beaches

Meeting Point: Mimosa Ave, Davidson (in front of high school)
Meet: 10:00 am
Return: 6:00 pm
Contact: Alex “the Lion” Wiles
P: 0476 180 282 | E:

Meeting Point: Penrith

Meeting Point: Cnr Cam st and Cambridge st, Cambridge park. (next to Little Joey’s Preschool)
Meet: 8:00 am
Return: 9:00 pm
Contact: Chris White
P: 0432 917 636 | E:
Taya Wesse
P: 0476 171 793 | E:

Meeting Point: Mcarthur Region

Meeting Point: 40 Lithgow Street Campbelltown(carpark at rear.)
Meet: 10:00 am
Return: 5:30 pm
Contact: Brett Walker
P: 02 4625 1037 |

Meeting Point: Castle Hill

Meeting Point: Restore Church – 47 Britannia Rd, Castle Hill
Meet: 9:30 am
Return: 8:30 pm
Contact: Jakin Mai
P: 0401 194 439| E:

Meeting Point: St Claire

Meeting Point: St Claire OOSH Care (OOSH Carpark)
Meet: Monday 8:30am
Return: Friday 9:00pm
Contact: Roger Brewer
P: 0408020492 | E:

Contact Us

Whatever question you may have regarding Surch, we want to answer it! So feel free to fill in the details below and send us your message or contact us using one of the methods to the right. Either way we will make sure we respond and get back to you as soon as possible.


map_64pxPo Box 188, North Richmond NSW 2753

map-pin_64px117 Myall St, Tea Gardens NSW  2324

phone_64px0413 342 527

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