Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some general questions most campers (or their parents) ask or may want to know before Surch begins!

How will everyone be transported to camp?

All campers will be transported to and from the camp via bus or mini van. Bags, tents, gear, etc will placed in trailers which are town up to the venue.

Can I get a refund?

Deposits are non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your registration then you must speak to our Administration Team. You can contact them via email or send a message via our Contact page.

Will there be activities at camp?

Yes, we spend a large portion of the time at the beach, sand dunes and water hole. For a full list of activities you can read the registration form.

Can I come to both weeks?

Under special circumstances you may be able to. Please contact our Administration Team first.

I'm in year 8, can I come to the second week with my year older sibling?

Again, under special circumstances you may be able to. Please contact our Administration Team first.

Can I volunteer as a helper?

There are plenty of opportunities to help out at Surch Camp. Please complete the Ministry Roles online form.

Can I bring friends from other schools or areas?

You sure can! Make sure they fill in a registration form and either give it to one of our school SRE teachers or send it via post with deposit or full payment.

If I have not paid a deposit or not registered can I show up on the day?
Yes, however you will pay full price. If possible, please contact our Administration Team. For the best offer, make sure to hand in your deposit before the specified dates on our flyer.
What if I want to come but cannot afford it at this time?
Even though we seek to keep the costs as low as possible, we recognize financially at times people find it difficult & we don’t want to deter people. Pleas contact ourAdministration Team for sponsorships.
Can I bring an electronic device? Phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
Yes. However, we do not take any responsibility for lost property, and power points for recharging electronic devices are limited.
Can I bring a hair straightener or blow dryer?

We understand that teenagers need to look AMAZING all the time 100% of the time. So yes, there are facilities to use these!

What do I sleep on?

You will be sleeping in personal tents, so whatever is comfortable and can fit in your tent.

Will I need warm clothes?

Our October camps have been known to cool down at night, so we advise a jumper or trackies just in case!

Can I bring a skateboard, guitar, surfboard or fishing line?

Yes there are opportunities to use these on camp and transport shouldn’t be a hassle. Please contact our Administration Team if your item is large and/or “bulky”.

Do I need my own tent? What if I don't have one?

Yes or you can share with friends. Alternatively you can hire the camps 2 man tents. Please contact our Administration Team prior to camp should you wish to hire.

What if I am needing transport outside the Hawkesbury?

Our camp is made up of not only people from the Hawkesbury but from many other areas also. For this reason, we have designated pickup and meeting points. Please visit ourĀ Meeting Points page for all meeting points and locations.

What if i have dietary or medical needs?

When registering for camp, there is the option to write this on the form. If you wish to discuss in depth, then please contact our Administration Team prior to camp. We want to make sure all our campers needs are met while up at camp.

Do I need to bring money? For food or extras?

All breakfast, lunch, dinner & in between snacks are provided and cooked in a fully operational commercial kitchen. You may want to bring some money for a McDonald stop on the way up and back. There is also a Coles and local shops walking distance from the camp. At times campers will be able to go to the shops in groups with an adult as supervision (if child is under the age of 16).*

If I am on my provisional license, can I take my car up?

Yes, but at your own cost. You will not be able to transport any campers up to, during or back from camp unless express permission is given by their parent or guardian. You must contact out Administration Team about this before camp.

What can I buy at camp?

There will be limited Surch shirts that can be pre-ordered for camp. Whilst at camp there is a variety of bibles, books journals and t-shirts at varied costs. Some are even free!